News & Events

16th ICIS Conference | Dubai | UAE | October 2019

This year at the 16th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference which took place in Dubai, on the 15th and 16th of October, we had the chance to meet and exchange ideas with national and multinational companies in the Lubricant industry. It was a phenomenal networking experience.

Lubricant Workshop | Nigeria | August 2019

A great deal was showcased this year at the Techno Commercial Seminar with the support of Nagode Industries Limited held in Lagos, Nigeria. The seminar presented captivating discussions on various types of Viscosity Index Improvers, an overview on electric cars and great tips for storing and handling products in warehouses.

Think Tank Seminar | Cairo – Egypt | March 2019

An intriguing think tank held by Kemipex, in the city of Cairo – Egypt, was attended by key players of the Chemical Industry. It began with individual brain storming sessions with our suppliers, starting with INEOS and followed by magnates in the Egyptian market; namely COOP, Misr Petroleum and Nile Oil.